Epi 41: A Weird World & The Westfield Watcher

Happy Friday!!! Today we’re sharing 2 crazy stories…

First is the story of a Weird World. Pauline Dakin’s childhood in Canada in the 1970s was full of secrets, disruption and unpleasant surprises. She wasn’t allowed to talk about her family life with anyone – and it wasn’t until she was 23 that she was told why…

“The Weird World Fam” – Warren, Ruth, Teddy and Pauline, circa 1969

Next we’re talking about the infamous and super creepy Westfield Watcher. Several days after Maria and Derek Broaddus closed on the almost 4,000-square foot home, they received a letter from someone who claimed to be watching the home and that his family had been watching the home for years. The Broaddus family purchased the house for $1.3 million to raise their three children, not far from where Maria Broaddus had grown up, but the idyllic home turned out to be less than wonderful…

657 Boulevard

What we’re drinking today: Tito’s & Topo


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