Epi 24: Freaky Friday – Corporation Coverups

How is Mattress Firm still in business? And what is up with Chuck E. Cheese?

WTF Moments:

  • Mattress Firm
    • Mattress Firm is a large specialty mattress retailer in the US.
    • A couple years ago, Mattress Firm was purchased by South African retail conglomerate Steinhoff Holdings for almost 4 billion dollars.
    • Last January, a Reddit thread that claimed Mattress Firm’s many locations was a sign it was laundering money went viral – That same week, CEO Ken Murphy announced his resignation. Coincidence? 

  • Chuck E. Cheese
    • Shane Dawson’s conspiracy video went viral last week, when he claimed that “Chuck E. Cheese serves reused leftover pizza to customers” – watch the video here
    • Chuck E. Cheese claims they make their pizza from scratch – here’s an old promo video of how they make their pizza
    • A few fun facts about the history of Chuck E. Cheese:
      • Chuck E. Cheese was actually a side project created by Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari
      • The Animation Animal Band at Chuck E. Cheese were originally created for the parents
      • The restaurant was almost called Rick Rats – why was this ever an option?

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