Epi 19: America’s Sluttiest President

WTF Moments:

  • JFK was the youngest and sluttiest President in US history.
  • He was eskimo brothers with his dad.
  • The night before his own assassination, JFK turns to Jackie and literally says, “This would have been one hell of a day to assassinate a president”.
  • In 1999, the US Government paid $16 million dollars to the heirs of the Zapruder film for exclusive rights, even though the film is now too brittle to run through a projector.
  • There was another film by Orville Nix that filmed on the opposite side of the street from the Zapruder film and claims to have filmed a second gunman from the grassy knoll. 25 years later, his granddaughter was able to have the film returned to her family. It was at that time she found the original film was missing. She has been searching for it ever since.
  • On Nov. 11, 1963, President Kennedy laid a Veterans Day wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery – He would be buried at the same cemetery exactly two weeks later.
  • JFK was the target of at least four assassination attempts– in 1960, a postal worker tried to blow him up with dynamite; then an attempt in Tampa, then Chicago, and lastly- Dallas.
  • JFK once told a Secret Service agent  “There is no way to keep anyone from killing me.” – uhhh thanks boss.
  • Kennedy was given his last rites 4 times in his life before his death.
  • JFK was buried without his brain. His autopsy materials were stored in a footlocker with other medical evidence and transferred to the National Archives. Then, one day in 1966, the locker and all it’s contents disappeared. They have not been seen since.
  • Jackie Kennedy smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day, that’s 60 cigs/day – if you’re awake for 18 hours, that’s a cig every 20 mins.


What we’re drinking tonight: “Lemon Drop Martini”



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