Epi 18: The Federal Reserve

WTF Moments:

  • The Federal Reserve is a private company that loans our US Government money with interest, and there are A TON of conspiracy theories behind this institution and their link to and the plot to create a New World Order.
  • Several of our Founding Fathers – including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, were against central banking from the start.
  • Alexander Hamilton was all for central banking and was SO bossy about it.
  • The Federal Reserve was actually the U.S’s 3rd attempt at central banking.
  • President Andrew Jackson was quite the character and apparently killed Charles Darwin in a duel. Literally DGAF.
  • President Andy-Jack was also the first and only president to pay off America’s National debt in full. In fact, as a country, we were operating at a surplus.
  • One year later, we fucked it up and went into another depression- just cant get it right.
  • The San Fran earthquake in 1907 changed everything, and many believe this is when the planning of the Federal Reserve began.
  • The Federal Reserve was planned one weekend in Jekyll Island. The entire trip was blocked out by the media and their agenda has never been confirmed. They literally traveled to the island in a steel train car- hey paranoid.
  • 16 months prior to the Great Depression, The Fed increases money supply by 62%. Shortly after, the Fed pulled the money supply, causing economic upheaval and chaos. A select group was aware of this and made it out of the GD “cash heavy”
  • There have been attempts in history to have the Federal Reserve audited. Those in charge of the demands included Abraham Lincoln and JFK.
  • In 1938, a news bulletin came on the radio- The War of the Worlds. This bulletin was literally a test to see how the American public would react to an alien invasion. Results were given to a select few, including the Bilderberg Group.


What we’re drinking tonight: Champagne 


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