Epi 16: What Happened to Natalie Wood?

More than 35 years after the mysterious death of Hollywood star Natalie Wood, her 1981 drowning has returned to headlines, and people are figuring shit out. #justiceforlana


WTF Moments:

  • Natalie had a lifelong fear of dark waters.  This stemmed from her mother, who saw a psychic warning her that someone she was close to would die in dark waters.  Wood’s mother had warned Natalie about this prediction – and therefore this fear was permanently ingrained her brain.
  • There were only 4 people on the boat the night she died: Natalie, Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, and Captain: Dennis Davern.
  • The night before she died, Natalie went on shore to sleep at a hotel because she was pissed off at Wagner.
  • Authorities initially ruled the death an accidental drowning, but that has since changed.
  • When Wagner spoke with the police, his theory was that she went to tie the dinghy and must have slipped and fallen into the water – for someone who is legit terrified of water, why would she do that?
  • The Coast Guard wasn’t called until nearly 4 hours after Natalie disappeared.
  • Dennis Davern later claimed that he believed something more sinister had occurred.  This caused the case to be re-opened in 2011.
  •  In 2012, the coroner’s office amended Wood’s death certificate the next year to include drowning with undetermined circumstances, and Wagner is now considered a “person of interest.”
  • Since the case reopened in 2011, Wagner is the only person that has refused to speak with investigators involving the circumstances surrounding Natalie Wood’s death.
  • Wagner for sure did it.


What we’re drinking tonight: “Sea Breeze Cocktail”



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